Council of Europe 2012 – 2021

14 September, 2022

With the support of the project various measures have been taken to strengthen the monitoring political funding capacity and institutional development of political parties.

Project outcomes:

  • Awareness on political finance monitoring was raised at regional conferences on “Money in Politics.”
  • An electronic programme for analysis of political finance statistics was introduced and analytical platform was strengthened.
  • Complaints were registered to better monitor political finances.
  • Development of the web platform was funded, which allows electronic communication simplifying the monitoring system.
  • Digital versions of old data was created ensuring openness of information.
  • All data and documentation was translated in English, allowing international stakeholders (CoE, OSCE, IFES, IDEA, IDI, IRI) better understand political funding monitoring.
  • Information meetings were hosted for media and NGOs, which increased awareness of monitoring.
  • Study visits of the SAO staff increased understanding of electronic database.
  • Over remote trainings the SAO staff shared international experience on political finance monitoring process.