IFES Online Campaigning Transparency Practice meetings have been launched, attended by 10 countries

2 December, 2022

Besik Kochiashvili, Head of  Political Finances Monitoring, participated in the Online Camp Transparency Practices and Connections workshop organised by the Electronic International Foundation (IFES) in Prague. 

To ensure online election campaign transparency and detection of online campaign violations, IFES collaborates and supports the Global Online Campaign Transparency Community of Practice (OCT CoP), which brings together the specialized audience encompassing organizational and institutional partners intended to facilitate the exchange of information and overall approaches to practice.

The working meeting convvened in Prague was attended by the employees of the agencies working on the supervision of political finances of 10 countries, as well as representatives of different countries from the civil society and academia.

At the meeting, the approaches of different countries regarding online election campaign monitoring were presented. The participants of the workshop discussed the challenges they face in the monitoring process during the online campaign. A discussion was held between representatives of monitoring, civil society and academia, and their views were shared on the ways to track online campaigns.